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Chronic Daily Headache

American Headache Society      July 2016

Triggering Events and New Daily Persistent Headache: Age and Gender Differences and Insights on Pathogenesis–A Clinic‐Based Study

Todd D. Rozen     2016

New daily persistent headache: A lack of an association with white matter abnormalities on neuroimaging

Todd D. Rozen     2015


New Daily Persistent Headache Is Often Associated With a Precipitating Event

Neurology Reviews     Sept 2014

New Daily Persistent Headache: An Update

Todd D. Rozen     May 2104

This link is to the full article, sorry about the low quality of the pdf

and the abstract from the NIH


Update on New Daily Persistent Headache

Nierenburg & Newman      June 2016

Unfortunately this link is to the abstract only, the full article is for purchase off site.

Migraine Headache Treated with Famciclovir and Celecoxib: A Case Report

NaPier, etal 2018

(not classically NDPH, however, HSV very well may be at play for some with NDPH, note Rozen's suggestion of Famciclovir post infection, this combination may prove more effective than Famciclovir alone)

Additionally, this report provides a safety profile and efficacy of the combination of Famciclovir with Celecoxib for fibromyalgia, suggesting HSV involvement yet again in chronic pain.  Perhaps with HSV, where it ultimately settles, determines pathway and persistence, and perhaps all that is subject to immune state.


New Daily Persistent Headache - Not So Rare - Especially in Adolescents

Neurology Reviews     2009

Response of Refractory New Daily Persistent Headache to Intravenous Lidocaine Treatment in a Pediatric Patient

Asra Akbar     July 2017

New Daily Persistent Headache     2016

A fairly useless article


Resolution of New Daily Persistent Headache After Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Joshua Alexander     2016

For those not post infectious, with joint hyper-mobility issues or possibly cervicogenic pathophysiology.


New Daily Persistent Headache

Peter j. Goadsby, Christopher Boes     2002


Refining clinical features and therapeutic options of new daily persistent headache: a retrospective study of 63 patients in India

Prakash, etal     2012


New Daily Persistent Headache and Potential New Therapeutic Agents

Joshi, etal    2014

Tumour Necrosis Factor-Α, Interleukin-1 and Interleukin-6 Serum Levels and Its Correlation with Pain Severity in Chronic Tension-Type Headache Patients: Analysing Effect of Dexketoprofen Administration

Rambe, etal     2017

New Daily Persistent Headache Caused by a Multinodular Goiter and Headaches Associated With Thyroid Disease.

Evans, etal     2017


The Challenge of New Daily Persistent Headache

Evans & Seifert     2010


The Immune System and Headache

Robbins & Maides     2009/2014


Nerve growth factor and chronic daily headache: a potential implication for therapy.

Sarchielli, etal     2004


Chronic daily headache: Understanding and treating a common malady

Sheftell, etal     2004

New Daily Persistent Headache

Randolph W. Evans    2003