Our Approach

Our Mission

We are dedicated to being a resource, asking questions and funding NDPH research.  Our Mission is Bold.  We want to fund simultaneous research at multiple leading headache centers.  We are also interested in collaborating with others investigating Complex Neuro-Immune Inflammatory Conditions: Fibromyalgia, GWI, ME/CFS, PTSD, POTS, CRPS, Lyme, etc

Current Research 

Imaging Study: There is breakthrough new imaging using PET scans with new algorithms that have brought new light to chronic Lyme and Fibromyalgia.  We are in the works of an imaging pilot study of the brain and brain stem of NDPH patients.

Immune Study: Anecdotally, we hear of NDPH patients who are also Immune Deficient to some degree.  Often with low natural IgM subclass.  IgM is our first defense to invaders.  IgM sends instructions for defense.  Our goal is to elucidate this phenomenon in a controlled pilot study.

Genetic Study: Is there a genetic component to susceptibility to NDPH?  We hope to find out.  The American Migraine Foundation is sponsoring a large study of headache genetics including patients with NDPH.

Stress Receptor Study:  There is an investigational drug targeting a stress receptor that is thought to be upregulated (stuck) creating a cascade of various illnesses.  It is in the very early stages and we are interested in an investigation of this receptor in an NDPH cohort.

Brain Tissue Study: We are pleased to announce that the NIH has approved our request to include NDPH in their approved group of diseases for study through the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center.

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We are a recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit.

Our Story



Our story is your story.  You or someone you love is suffering with daily 24/7 persistent headache.

Our son developed NDPH after a flu like episode.  Eventually, also diagnosed CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency after failing a vaccine challenge.   We don't know if he was immune deficient prior to the flu like episode or his onset of NDPH.

Let's work together and find a cure.

Jeff Fowler, Director

NDPH Research Foundation


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